Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goose and Morgan

Goose and Morgan were in for their assessments today.

Goose is an eight year old, sixty-five pound, blonde colored, Alaskan Husky that hung out in our Big Roll. Goose is a beautiful buxom blonde with a very sweet and tolerant personality. She didn't mind being with the pack but did not engage too much. Goose is welcome back to The Fort and we hope she will begin to interact more with the others in time.

Morgan Marie is a ten month old, thirty pound, black and tan, Belgian Malinois that did her thing in our Medium Roll. She has attended one of our training classes in the past. Morgan came into the lobby this morning raring to go, full of life and energy. In the play area, she became unsure and acted a bit shy around the other dogs. We would love to see Morgan's confidence level increase. She is welcome back, only time will tell how she develops.

Both Goose and Morgan Marie are neat dogs from the same family. They are also two fun breeds that you just don't see everyday.

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