Saturday, February 25, 2012

A few good tails

Here are a few cool sites to give you your doggie fix!

This is a great photo gallery of the Westminster Dog Show, click through to see some really cool and unique breeds that competed.

A dog found shot in San Diego is now on the mend, and looking for a new home.

In Texas, juvenile offenders are being given an opportunity to work training an adoptable dog. This is similar to the Prison Pet Partnership at the Purdy prison here. These programs provide people with skills and greatly reduce recidivism.

I remember mentioning cadaver dogs in my post last week, and saw another article about these hardworking canines today. A former shelter dog is now fighting crime as a cadaver dog in New York.

This one is kind of funny-- dog gives away burglary suspect.

Hope that everyone is having a great (snow-free!) weekend,


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