Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lively Lucy

Meet Lucy! She is an eleven month old, twenty-one pound, Boston Terrier that had her assessment this morning. We had Lucy try out our Little Roll and she took to it rather well. Lucy met the other dogs with a playful spirit. As more dogs arrived upstairs, she became even more eager to interact. Lucy ran hard while playing ball and frolicking with the others. We believe her "Dog Speak" skills will only improve as she continues to make friends at The Fort. Outstanding job today Lucy, we will see you back at Fort Fido in no time. Now, here are two super clips of Lucy socializing this morning.


P.S. You must checkout this link! It is about a Microsoft developer that has created a robot capable of playing with his dog, well done! Although I sure hope it doesn't take us out of business. ;) He'd need a pack of robots lol.

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