Friday, February 3, 2012

Revered Ruby

Hi there, feast your eyes on Ruby! She is a four month old, thirty pound, Goldendoodle that had her assessment this morning. Ruby is a very sweet dog with quite a ravishing look about her. She is attending Fort Fido for socialization because she tends to be a bit timid around other canines. In our Medium Roll, Ruby did just fine, despite not interacting too much with the other pack members. The good thing is that Ruby did not act fearful or uncomfortable around the other dogs, she just didn't engage them. There is much hope left for her. We believe Ruby may come around to playing with the pups after some daycare-consistency.

Ruby is currently enrolled in, and doing well in, our Basic Obedience and Leadership class. Dog trainer extraordinaire Garrett Stevens, runs the class, it fills up quickly and it's popular!

Swell job today Ruby, we shall see you again soon.

Have a nice weekend, enjoy the weather,


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