Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beatnik Tuesday

Dogs come in, amped, ready...

We clean and officiate...

Dogs leave exhausted.

Sorry, Haikus just pour from me while I'm at Fort Fido wrangling the dogs hahaha.

Here's a clip of the Big Roll Action and a little bit of Gibby and Gus from the Medium Roll. Please note, the fellas in the Big Roll (specifically Gideon and McGee) sound a bit rough but I assure you it's all play and or "Fluff and Stuff" as I like to call it lol. Everyone is safe! ;)

Take it easy,

P.S. Our phone line has been down for hours. It will most likely stay that way... Our internet has been in and out as well... It seems as though are credit/debit machine is also down... More on this tomorrow, let's just say, a tall Semi-Truck ripped down several lines in front of The Fort, literally! Things are getting cleaned up but it's going to take awhile. Thanks for bearing with us, glad nobody got hurt!

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