Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hanging with the Pack

Today there were a lot of dogs getting in on the action! In this clip you can see Gordon, Sam, Winston, Zeus, Emily, Lila, and Blue all romping around.

Here are some articles about man's best friend in the news!

A Florida man is being charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty after 77 animals (43 dogs, 16 goats, 16 hogs, and two piglets) were all found in his home. Hopefully this news coverage will help these animals to find loving homes.

The Westminster Dog Show is going to be changing advertisers, from Pedigree to Purina.

Cadaver dogs play a unique role in crime investigation.

In Rio de Janeiro, Carnival 'goes to the dogs' with a large pet friendly celebration.

Here are some really adorable photos of dogs underwater. Some of them are really intense about retrieving their tennis ball!

After a man sacrifices himself to save his dog, his best friends are able to find a loving home.

I'll see you all next week--


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