Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mellow Mood Milo

Meet Milo! He is a nine month old, seventy-three pound, Gray & Black, Labradoodle that was assessed this morning. Milo is one of the sweetest dogs we have come across, a gentle giant if you will. Mom (Nancy), fell head-over-heels for him lol. He is a very calm dog that carries a happy yet mellow mood which becomes infectious. Apparently, Milo spent a lot of time on "The Farm" and didn't interact too much with anything other than horses! Although he didn't play today, he was quite comfortable around the other dogs. Towards the very end of his morning here, he almost played with Rottweiler Guy Gideon. Almost, meaning that there was butt to butt sniffing, tail wagging and spins/play-bows from Gideon. Milo is welcome back to The Fort anytime and we look forward to his return. He is a massively striking doodle that would have made one heck of a stud dog for a Labradoodle breeder... That actually was the plan for Milo but unfortunately he was struck with the dreaded Cryptorchidism, yikes!



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