Monday, February 13, 2012

- Gamesome Gus -

Look at this big and happy fella! His name is Gus and he had his assessment this morning. Gus is a seven month old, ninety-five pound, Newfoundland. Surprisingly, he is actually the first purebred "Newfie" we have ever had here at The Fort and he ended up being quite a pleasure. Gus hung out in the Big Roll and made friends quickly. He paired off a great deal with Zodiac and the two truly had a ball together. It's neat to see such a large, young dog, play so well in the daycare, so soon, without us having to micromanage it. First rate job today Gus! Looks like we will be seeing you again here at Fort Fido soon.

Happy Monday! ;)

P.S. Here is one swell clip of newbie Gus and Zodiac engaged in some Live Big Roll Action.

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