Monday, August 22, 2011

Luckily our new computer has arrived, yeah! We should be up and running with our new system in a couple of days. We are doing everything with a laptop right now and it is nice but not ideal. Blogger is having some issues with the laptop's browser/operating system. Hope was unable to get a Blog Post going on Saturday and I'm having trouble with this one lol.

For now, let us checkout a few clips from today.

In the Medium Roll, Emily, Mimi and Zeus busted moves off and on all day long. They are a quite the trio of pals.

From the Big Roll, Louis and Popo romp hard as usual.

Upstairs in the Little Roll we get another glimpse of "newbie" Phoebe Marie doing well. Here she does her best to get Lucy to play with her.

Enjoy the start of your week, looks like good weather shall be returning soon! At least we don't have to water anything today. ;)



  1. Wow, in the first Video, that puppy is WHITE :)
    looks like it was edited :D very funny!

  2. Haha yup, clean and shiny!