Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meet Merry Mooshu!

Meet Mooshu! He is a four month old, three pound, spunky little Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie). Boy, if he doesn't win you over with his photogenicness (yup, that isn't a word lol) then his sweet personality will get ya for sure. Mooshu did well in our Little Roll upstairs. He speaks decent "dog" for a young lad and even played a bit. He's met Pearl at the dog park before but fell in love with... You guessed it, Ginger (1,2) hahaha! This is the third young pup to fall for her, those darn redheads. We look forward to seeing Mooshu again, he's a nice addition to the Little Pack.

Take it easy,

P.S. I couldn't stop thinking about Moo shu pork when I heard this guys name, too funny. Also, Mushoo is a friend of Fort Fido long-time-big-rollers Lucas and Harriet. Their owners run a great business near us, Fircrest Children's Dentistry... Our main man Gary operates their website. What a small world with seemingly endless connections. :)

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