Friday, August 12, 2011

Teeny Tiny Teacup Phoebe Marie!

This morning four-pound teacup Poodle Phoebe Marie came to join us at the Fort. She wasn't quite sure what to make of the Daycare experience, but she did sniff around with the other dogs and play just a tad. With time and consistency, she will come out of her shell a little more, and be more relaxed with the other pups.

Oftentimes for a dog with any degree of separation anxiety, the second day is better than the first. That is why we keep the assessments at that short 4 hour length. This allows us to see how they interact with others, and doesn't put too much stress on the pup who is trying to figure out just what is going on in here! When they get to go home again so soon it creates a good association--they understand that "hey, I get to come here and hang out, and then head home again later." Since we can't exactly explain what's going on to them, teaching through experience is the next best thing. Throughout the years we have seen a lot of dogs go from wallflower to social butterfly, with adequate time and a consistent schedule. Building confidence helps your dog to be more independent and self-assured, which usually translates into better behavior overall.

Daycare isn't just about tiring out pooches, it provides mental and social stimulation that promotes well-adjusted pets.

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