Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Sunny day of sprightly Sadie

In for her assessment today was young pup Sadie. She is a seven month old, fifty pound, rough-and-tumble, Golden Retriever. Sadie is perfect for the Medium Roll, she is rambunctious, very high energy but a good girl. She went straight to play with all the wild ones of our medium area. Marco Polo and Zeus were a few of her favorites. We are certain we'll be seeing more of Sadie soon. She is a healthy dog, the activeness of dog daycare is right up her alley. Way to go Sadie!

Stay cool folks,

P.S. Here is a clip of Sadie's first meeting with Polo early in the AM, as you can see, it went well. I'm throwing in a fun clip of the Little Roll from this afternoon just for good measure. ;)

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