Monday, August 15, 2011



I hope everyone is doing well. Things are running smoothly here at The Fort and that is always a good thing!

We are gearing up for the fall, our busiest time of the year. It tends to bring in a slew of dogs. LinkMany folks don't attend during the summer months for various reasons, the main one being... School is out! To prepare for the bustling Autumn, we are adding two new team members. One for the morning shift and one for the evening. As always, it is a lengthy process and thankfully, we are close to being done. We are about halfway through the interview portion and hope (no pun intended there lol) we find the right fit. By putting a help wanted ad on Craigslist and a College Job Database we had literally dozens of applicants. That's with the ads up for less than 48 hours!

Coming up soon is our Balanced and Calm Seminar, If you haven't taken it, you should! Dog Trainer Garrett Stevens is awesome and you can learn a whole heck of a lot from him. Also starting soon, in September, is our Basic Obedience and Leadership training classes. We have a handful of participates already signed up for both courses but it's not too late to get registered.

All for now, I'll leave you today with a really funny dog video... It's one of those clip reels.

Have a great day,


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