Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Doggy News

Do courtroom therapy dogs unfairly sway juries with cuteness? (Not in my opinion, with the case I read about but... That is definitely a whole "can of warms".)

Big or Small: A Dog Lover's Dilemma (Ahhh, go for Medium! :) )

Top 10 ways to celebrate National Spoil Your Dog Day (I'm a little late on this one but it's cute none the less.)

Keeping your dog safe this summer (Some great tips here.)

Animal assisted activity programs popular at senior communities (My mother, Nancy, has lots of experience with this. She was an activity director for many moons. The residents do love it, I know I would in that situation.)

Family reunites with dog after yearlong separation! (Wow, how sad, but bravo to Miss Flemming!)

Reading to dogs may have benefits for children (Posted a similar article in the past, I think it's great, makes sense for reading aloud and future public speaking.)




  1. My friends kids read to Diego!! They don't like reading but they love to read to him since he can't read himself ;)

  2. Haha very cool, it must work!