Friday, August 5, 2011

Two Logan Pics & Clips

Logan's ma Becky was kind enough to send in some funny photos of the big guy. Here he is posing with his favorite beverage hahaha. Wow, I've heard of a little beer now and again for a dogs coat but I can't vouch for the Irish Whiskey.

Here is a clip from very early in the morning. Beautiful Irish Setter Miura is usually the first one in the Medium Roll. When she is the first dog in, her and Nancy love having one on one ball time together.

It's official! Chloe and Pearl have "Busted Out" (AKA began to act like pack members, really interacting and playing.) there is no stopping these two pups now, everyday will be fun filled for them in the Little Roll.

Medium Roll pooch Madi has also been branching out and doing well. Here she takes on Boxer Boy Zeus for some excitement.

Have a nice weekend,

P.S. No, Logan doesn't really drink whiskey... Don't worry! Fort Fido, LLC does not condone giving your dog alcohol. Heck, our pets don't even get table scraps! ;)

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