Monday, August 29, 2011

some news and a cute Pearl pic

Pearl's owner Phyllis sent me in a wonderfully cute photo of little Pearl posing sweetly. Thanks for the pic Phyllis!

Some news bits I found this afternoon...

Dog's storm phobia (Not sure how Gibby will react, luckily they don't happen often, I'm guilty of not liking storms.)

A great article on re-calls AKA "Fido come!" (Several customers chat with me about the frustration of their pet not coming when they call... I've known the feeling!)

The Zen of Dog Training (Neat stuff here, very true, stay calm... Not always easy to do.)

New Dog Game-Show (Sounds interesting, hopefully it's more than a one hour special.)

A dog at the funeral captured on video (Warning, this is a sad one.)

Happy Monday lol!


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