Monday, August 1, 2011

The 1st Of The Month

(Gibby strikes a pose in the backyard)

The first of the month around here at Fort Fido can be a very busy time for us. Most folks pay and or bring in their schedules around this time. It is also a time where we have a good amount of busy "office work". We go through our database and determine which dogs are members in good standing (aka they have attended The Fort at least once in 90 days), which dogs are due for shots/fecal tests, who gets put on the dreaded "Black List" (don't worry it's not as scary as it sounds), whose paperwork gets shredded (because they no longer attend) and who gets mailed a "We haven't seen you in awhile!" coupon.

In short, we dot our I's, cross our T's, spruce the place up and get organized! It does take some effort and can be a bit challenging but it really helps us run smoothly. Please bare with us if we have to communicate with you about anything mentioned above. Nobody is in trouble lol and everyone is welcome. As a business, we just have to have our policies in place to continue giving you great customers and your wonderful pets our best! So with that said, get out your planners and setup your daycare schedule! After-all, it is the first of the month! ;)

This week looks like it's going to be summer folks, enjoy! Get out there and have some fun. If for some unfortunate reason your pup can't join you, drop them off here for some summer fun with the pack.


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