Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some great news stories

Sometimes life can take us to the most unexpected places. That is what happened when little Hoppy the Pappillon found his way from a puppy mill, where cramped conditions crippled him, to being a member of a performing pack with a caring owner.

Another pup, Francis, was found in a cardboard box in the freezing rain. Thanks to the patience and constant care of volunteers, he is now on the rebound. He is also in a contest to win ten thousand dollars for the shelter that brought him back from the brink. Way to give back!

The ASPCA is launching a new campaign against puppy mills this month. The "No Pet Store Puppies" campaign aims to eliminate puppy mills by encouraging people to get their pups from legitimate breeders or shelters. If there is no demand for puppy mill pups, then the mills will all go out of business. There will be no more money in those puppies, if consumers buy responsibly.

In overseas news, authorities seized around 1000 dogs in Thailand, as part of a bust on dog smuggling. Sadly, around 300 of the pups were already too sickly to save and died in transit. But the smuggling ring is gone, and the remaining pups were all taken to shelters.

Sorry about the lateness of the post--I've been wrestling with this computer all day!


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