Friday, August 19, 2011

Search and rescue dogs retire

This morning Pearl's mom Julia brought us in another cool dog-related article. This was a neat clipping from the New York Times Magazine. It featured search-and-rescue dogs that were mobilized to search for victims of the 9/11 attacks. All these pups are now retired, and enjoying relaxing golden years in reward for the service that they offered. Make sure you click for the full slideshow!

The New York State Troopers K9 unit feeds their dogs Kumpi, the only dog food that Fort Fido recommends and carries. Kumpi President Evy Serpa tells the history of her relationship with law enforcement canines on her website:
"Viewing her television set on September 12, 2001, she saw the first working dog at Ground Zero.

"It was a pivotal moment for me. I knew the difference my product had made for so many dogs and I was compelled to ship a ton of food to help those dogs."

Not sure how to embark on doing so, the following day there were requests for food and beverage donations for the workers in Manhattan.

"I called and as it turned out, the Senior Procurement Manager had also worked the OKC Bombing and he remembered that dog food was an outstanding request."

After security checks, they approved her donation, with instructions for shipment. Hours of being on the phone getting quote (is this for charity or are you paying?) she made arrangements for the ton to ship.

Yet, a firm contact in Manhattan had not been established and by Saturday night, Ms. Serpa got online at two am and called a New York City police department and was told the dogs were stationed at the Javitz Center. Getting their phone contact information, she was able to procure the government cell number for Sgt. Tim Fischer, the Head of the New York State Canine Unit who was placed in charge of the dogs surging into Ground Zero.

Not knowing that Sgt. Fischer was having all dog food donations routed to local animal shelters, she hit a temporary snag when he did want Kumpi for the dogs.

"I'm in the habit of getting transit information for point of destination and will be eternally grateful to MSTC for getting the food to the Javitz Center the Monday it
arrived. They took the extra time to label the pallet of food to insure it would
make it through."

That was the humble beginning of the relationship between Kumpi and The New York State Troopers K9 Unit. Additionally, she is vendors with the Metro Transit Authority in New York City, The United Nation Ambassador Security Canine Detail, US Customs and many other law enforcement agencies."

You can read more of Evy's Kumpi Story here. And make sure that you check out the Kumpi fanpage, KumpiLove, where you can check out people's personal experiences with Kumpi and see the improvement in their furry family's health.

I'll see you all again tomorrow!

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