Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Great photos, dog sculpture

Right on! I've scored three, absolutely grand pics, of a few awesome Fort Fido Pack Members. Please check them out, click on the photos to enlarge them.

The first two photos, are of the ever-so-photogenic Buddy. This Shih Tzu Man definitely knows how to strike a pose! I'll tell ya though, he isn't just a glamour shots model, this dog is a real player. He can (and does) handle himself with any dog that comes his way, large or small.

Now, for one of my favorites, get a load of Riley. His ma found him surfing the web, landing on his favorite Blog and Youtube Channel... Who'd a thought? Hahaha!

At last, here is something rather exquisite, for you fine-art lovers out there. Follow the link below, to feast your eyes on this, truly, one-of-a-kind piece... Some beautiful, Post-Modern Art. A Canine Sculpture extraordinaire, in the raw, if you will.

Canine Sculpture, A Masterpiece



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