Saturday, February 23, 2013

Let's Start a Riot!

This morning we got to become acquainted with Riot, a fun-loving and high-energy Lab-mix. This cool dude went in with the big pups, and made fast friends with a few of the other high-energy guys--mainly Zipper, who didn't let Riot spend too much of his time missing his mom. I know that I always appreciate having a friend to distract me with something fun, if I'm feeling a little down!

Riot is such a playful guy that when he gets used to the routine, I'm sure that he'll spend even more of his time playing and making new friends here at the Fort.


P.S.-- Check out this picture. Couldn't really think of a way to relate it, but it was way too funny to pass up!
Saw this on George Takei's facebook page--priceless!

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