Friday, February 8, 2013

These Big Girls Were Seeing Red!

Rambunctious lab pup Red was on a roll today, tearing it up with all the big dogs! We caught him on film early this morning with the super sweet and sassy Olive, having a quiet romp before the crowds arrived. Olive was stuck to him like glue all day--she was just enamored with this high-energy pup!

Red also tried out his charms on Ziva, who was very glad for the attention. Red is a little ladies' man. ;-)

Dogs can be invaluable companions to people in all walks of life. Check out this story, of an ill homeless man who attached a note to his dog when he became immobile and worried he might die. Without a phone, he had no way to call for help. His dog was found, and police were notified, leading to a search that got the man to a hospital.

Have a great night, and keep your own companion close--just in case!


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