Friday, February 22, 2013

Little Dog Rumble, and Dogs in the News

Upstairs, Buckwheat and Dixie took a break from ball time to have a little romp-- all caught on film!

And here's another cool segment of dogs in the news!

A neat experiment shows that dogs can recognize the faces of other dogs and categorize them together, even when the "dog" is represented by many different breeds. Given a choice between a picture of a dog (for which they were rewarded with a treat) and a non-dog species (no such reward), all dogs who participated in the test were able to quickly group dogs together. Even when the dog represented was a husky, chihuahua, or basset hound, they knew which of these things was not like the others!

A tracking dog has saved the life of an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer's, who walked away from her home in Michigan during dangerous weather, wearing only her pajamas. The super-sniffer was called in when a human search wasn't turning up much, and the weather was deemed far too dangerous (down to just 12 degrees with wind chill). Now that's some good deed!

If you buy dog treats from Petco, check this recall list-- pet food manufacturer Kasel Associates Industries if recalling dozens of different varieties of treats due to possible salmonella contamination. They are all jerky-style, meat treats, so please take a peek if you are concerned your pet may have been exposed.

An extremely lucky chihuahua survived twenty minutes in a burning home-- nobody thought he would make it through the blaze, but firefighters spotted him unharmed, and were able to grab the little guy and return him to his owner's arms.

I hope that Dave and Nancy are having a good time on their dog-sledding trip! Hopefully they bring back some cool pictures like this one.

Have a great weekend guys!


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