Tuesday, February 5, 2013

News Posting

(Ha! This pic had me laughing, thank you to Gail/Sofee for it.)

Loyal dog helps searchers find dead NJ hiker
It is very unfortunate that the hiker was not found alive, but way to go Kentucky! Maybe this finding can aid in closure for the hiker's family.

"Dognition" asks, how smart is your dog?
Somebody has got to get this app. and try it out. I'm a bit of a dinosaur with an old phone lol.

Thinking of getting a dog?
This article may be of use to a friend or loved one... You could forward it to them. Also, let them know that they can still be busy and have a pet because Fort Fido is here to help! ;)

Frisco family reunites with dog after seven months missing
Wow! I'm a sucker for stories like these. What a wonderful moment for all involved. That dog brings new meaning to "Dora The Explorer".

Four-Legged Miracles
This certainly relates to the story above, it sounds like a great book too. Anybody out there read it?

Lifestyle, pop culture drive dog-breed popularity
Nice article. It gives a bit of insight into why some of the most popular dog breeds are so popular. I'll vouch for the fact, that a dog with short-hair or "Poodle Hair", is definitely a plus. Especially when taking on grooming and striving for house cleanliness haha.

Oregon Truffle Dogs unearth buried treasure
I don't know any other way to say it, this is badass! How cool would it be to train a "Truffle Dog", then actually find some truffles? Not only are they a tasty delicacy, but they are extremely sought after and quite expensive. Darn, if only it was easier to farm this fungi, people are attempting different methods but it isn't easy.

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