Saturday, February 2, 2013

Precious Pups!

Found some really cute babies around the internet today! First check out this little pup "Bandit," trying to work the treadmill like an adult. A recent rescue of L.A. nonprofit "Peace, Love and Pitbulls," Bandit hasn't had all his shots so everyone is stuck inside with tons of energy. Treadmills can be a great way for dogs to get exercise indoors.
I also found a perfectly looped .gif of this oldie-but-goodie, a Frenchie pup trying to roll over off of his back. Seems just like a furry little turtle! One of the best comments on the YouTube version says "This dog needs Life Alert!"
From reddit, a funny doggie costume (even the canines got into this bestseller, it seems!).

This is the very definition of patience!

Another oldie-but-goodie, this pup isn't yet quite sure of where his body is or how to use it.

Last one here, a dog that has learned how to put himself to bed. :-)

Haha! Though I never manage to catch these moments on film, I'm sure we've all had some hilarious and cute encounters with dogs. I'm so glad that they get to be such a huge part of my life!


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