Thursday, February 28, 2013

Upended Pups!

 I've been collecting these snapshots for a little bit-- trying to find the funniest sleepers that I could here at the Fort. It's great to see that so many dogs are relaxed enough here to lay down and take a nap, or even just a little rest, all sprawled out on their back! Plus, it's absolutely adorable :-)

First up, it's Zipper

Gage likes to take a good stretch too

Here Zip stands next to his buddy Flash

Murphy will sprawl out whether in a big group...

...or all alone

Stella needs a rest now and again-- she's a wily one!

Here's a two-fer! Samantha and Scandi

Scandi again, with his brother Ranger wondering what he's up to.

Bogie wanted to show his buddy that he knew how to do it too!

These guys really are a riot! Have a great night everybody,


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