Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some new members!

First up this morning was Max. He is a lively, one year old, eighty-five pound, black colored, Labrador Retriever. Max was introduced to the Big Roll right away. He was eager to meet the pack and get straight to play. This strong and fun-loving Lab did very well at Fort Fido today. Max played hard for a long duration, Dog Daycare seems to be the perfect outlet for him.

Today's second assessment was Schatzi. What a cool name right? A gorgeous animal, Schatzi, is a five month old, fifty pound, black & tan colored, German Shepherd. She hung out in The Fort's Medium Roll where she thrived. Schatzi began to perfect her "Meet and Greet" skills with the other canines... She's certainly sniffing, wagging and playing her way to becoming a well rounded canine. She was a pleasure to have here, and it was great to see her first day be so beneficial.

Swell job Max and Schatzi. We hope to see y'all again soon.



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