Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Two Little Goodies...

From The Fort's Little Roll!

First, Marlee, was introduced to a wonderful canine puzzle game that we use here often. You take a medium or large sized Hol-ee Roller, stretch it out, and stick in a Chuckit Fetch Ball or other small sized ball. This combination, makes the perfect cheap and durable brainteaser for your doggy buddy. A toy that makes them think, like this one we have concocted, is valuable to us. Today it kept Miss Marlee, among others, content and busy for awhile. The dogs took turns attempting to get the small ball out of the big one. It's hilarious for us to watch and too fun for them.

This other clip is just some good old fashioned "Ball Time". The small dogs sure love it, and we have trained quite a few fetching pros over the years. It's funny, sometimes the dogs are so good at catching/retrieving the ball, that it is hard to get a throw passed them! They're like tiny, fuzzy, Pro Bowl Defensive Backs lol... And the current MVP is Frizzy! I wish I could capture some of her multi-level-moves on camera, because they are quite impressive. She is one athletic creature. Another funny thing, is how certain dogs will drop a ball, and then proceed to nose it towards you... As if to say, "Hurry up and throw that thing man!". You can catch Lucy and several others doing this (00:42) often. Haha, good times. There are also many dogs that keep a ball in their mouth at all times. They still chase after other balls and dogs, but don't give up their "Precious" lol. That behavior is acceptable, as long as the "possessive doesn't mingle with aggressive". ;)



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