Thursday, February 7, 2013

Medium Madness!

Today there was a lot of thrilling action caught on film from the medium roll (but don't worry, the little and big guys had tons of fun too!). In this first big clip, we see many pairs of dogs going at it: first little Mac and feisty Cody are having a romp, then we catch a glimpse of wild-man Gibson and rambunctious Emily frolicking, and lastly sweet Niko and lovely Jasmine keep it a little calmer but still fun.

Newbie Titan is shown a few more of the ropes by Auckie; these two had a great time together on and off all day long. Walter (who is always a hit with the ladies) can also be seen playing with adorable doodle Ruby.

Have you seen this picture of the "dog with a human face"? I'm on the fence of whether he is cute or a little creepy, but Tonik is lucky to be the subject of so much media attention--homeless pups that make the news often have dozens of adoption applications from all across the country! Hopefully those who do not get Tonik will head down to their local shelter and rescue a less famous face.
Have a great night!


P.S.--This is completely unrelated, but who doesn't love pictures of adorable polar bear babies?

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