Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's at the Fort!

Who could resist this little Valentine?
Cortez was all dressed up and with a place to go-- here at Fort Fido! He was looking for a special sweetheart for the day (and maybe for a few more than just today!). I'd let you know who the lucky lady way, but Cortez is all gentleman--he doesn't kiss and tell ;-)

Written just for this occasion is a doggie Valentine's poem:
I had to include this goofy picture to go with the goofy poem!
Will You Be Mine?
~ by Joan Steik
Fresh from the water bowl or was it the toilet this time!
Big wet kisses… Will you be mine?
Roses are red, violets are blue,
I’m leaving muddy paw prints… just for you!
I’m cute and I’m cuddly most of the time,
I give “Big Hugs” to friends of mine,
And my “Big Heart” beats with a special chime
Best Friends Are Forever…
Will you be My Valentine?
From Your Dog

This little guy reminds me of our friend Cooper :-)
Even cats need a Valentine!
I hope that you guys had a fun day with lots of candy ;-) If you haven't quite got your sugar rush yet, Nancy stocked up the lobby and feel free to grab a piece on your way through.


P.S. Ladies, if you're alone this Valentine's remember that you still have your pooch! And they might just be better anyway, haha. This one goes out to the ladies--click to expand and read the funny captions.

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