Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ginger & Macey


Meet Ginger & Macey, two swell dogs, from the same family, that assessed this morning.

Ginger, is a four month old, eleven pound, red & black colored, Shiba Inu. She did rather well upstairs in the Little Roll. Ginger is a very sweet spirited canine. She played with Dixie, Pearl and just about any dog that was game.

Macey, is a one year old, about twenty pound, black & white colored, Border Collie. Now at first, Macey was not sure why she was here lol... But, once she began to figure things out in the Medium Roll, she started having lots of fun. This dog wasted no time getting in on the action, once she was situated. Macey enjoyed herself, playing with Marley and Sammy, among others.

Both Ginger and Macey were a pleasure to take care of today. We highly anticipate their return!

Take care,


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