Friday, December 7, 2012

Today at the Fort...

Buzzette tried on one of Cortez's super cool hats. Not sure if she was too keen on it, though, haha! Maybe in a different color.

There was tons of action in the big roll, with yellow labs galore! We caught a great clip this morning of Labrador Red playing with his boxer-buddy Stella, along with (a little obliquely) Finn and his main squeeze Athena.

From the medium side, Tikvah and Chewy were playing  this morning, albeit at a little slower pace.  These two had a great rumble, and went on the play much harder in the afternoon, after waking up for a little bit. You've got to start every great workout with a warm-up (and I know that I don't like going all-out when I first get up, especially if it's early!).

We often hear stories about news articles reuniting pet and owner, but here is a touching one about a doggie article that helped to reunite a father and son who had not known each other for three decades. It really was a Christmas Miracle for this family.

If you are looking for a cool new "coffee table" book, check out The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs. Chock-full of dog art, poetry, and stories from throughout the years, it looks like a great addition to the library of any dog-lover.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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