Thursday, December 6, 2012

Juno Working Out, and a Fort Fido Funny

Our friend John at Summit Strength and Conditioning brings his pup Juno to spend the day with us regularly. This lucky lady also gets to go to work with her dad from time to time and get a workout there as well! John sent us this clip of Juno on the treadmill--that's great exercise for a high energy breed like a Husky, and for the rest of us too ;-)

If better fitness is your goal for this upcoming new year, consider stopping in at Summit! Grab a flier from the Fort Fido lobby, and you can get some help working toward and sticking to all of your fitness goals!

Thanks for sending us the great clip, John!
P.S.--Here's a great example of why I love my job. These pups always keep me cracking up! Do you ever feel like your friends can leave you high and dry?

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