Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aye! A laddy from the Shetland Isles...


The Shetland Sheepdog or "Sheltie", not to be confused as a Miniature Collie (There is no such thing btw lol.)... Love them or leave them... We all know that I am biased, and in favor of this amazing breed. So when Mickey rolled into The Fort today, I'll admit, I was elated!

Mickey, is a handsome, six year old, thirty-five pound, Tri-Colored, Shetland Sheepdog. Mickey tried our Medium Roll on for size and thrived. This high-energy herding dog, had a surprisingly calm and balanced disposition, Gibson, you should really start taking cues from Mickey haha!

Anyway, Mickey, unfortunately didn't engage in any lively play, however he did interact with the pack flawlessly. His canine communication skills are outstanding! He had no signs of stress in his stay and just sort of took it all in. With regular attendance, we believe Mickey will begin to really enjoy Dog Daycare. He is currently in a transitional period of life, with different things to digest and adjust to. Luckily, canines are quite adaptable, and Mickey seems to be no exception. He is an absolutely gorgeous specimen, that we look forward to having here at Fort Fido.

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