Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fort Fido--an all ages club! Meet Taffy and Emmitt

We had a great time meeting a couple of new buddies this morning-- 12-week-old Lab pup Emmitt, and a nearly fourteen year old Border Collie Taffy. Though they came from opposite ends of the age spectrum, both of these pups had good laid-back introductions to daycare.

Taffy did especially well considering his age--he played some with the other guys, and fit right in. Little Emmitt did well in the medium roll, his easygoing nature was a welcome addition to that roll. He didn't play too much on his first day, but he did well nonetheless.

Dogs of all ages can benefit from time at daycare--it helps to increase sociability, and to help your dog be more balanced in all aspects of his or her life. Even the old folks who don't play quite so much as the little pups still benefit from interaction with other dogs, and the energy of the pack. These pups will be welcome additions to our "regulars" here at the Fort.

Have a great afternoon!


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