Saturday, December 8, 2012

Super Stella and Too-Cute Toby!

We met two fun dogs this morning-- Stella, an incredibly sweet and sassy mixed breed, and Toby, a cool and confident little Mini Schnauzer. Though she entered with a little trepidation, as soon as she met Rain (a super-spunky Golden Retriever), Stella came right out of her shell. These two girls were instant best-buds (it's so great how dogs can make friends in a moment!), and had fun tearing it up the whole time that Stella was here. She did really well today, and we hope to see her back soon.

Toby is an incredibly cute little guy, I don't think that photo does him quite enough justice (I just love the long hair on his ears, he looks like a teddy bear!). Although Toby was nervous to see his owners go, he was cheered right back up by our buddy Miller, who enticed him to go for a romp, and almost got more than he bargained for!

It was great to see that both of our new pups made fast friends here, and had dogs of similar energy levels to keep them having a great time throughout their assessments. This really set a great tone for both dogs, who I'm sure went home tired tonight!

In other news, Taylor took a great picture of Louis and Lillie last night, all curled up on their beds. These two have been "boarding buddies" for a few days now, and make a cute little pair. I also caught a clip of Louis romping with Rain this morning, and wanted to post that for his out-of-town parents. I know it's nice to see that he's having a good time with us!

Check out some photos from this new book, Underwater Dogs featuring Seth Casteel's photography. Another great gift idea for dog lovers! The photos are all absolutely hilarious, the idea behind them both simple and clever.
Haha! Hope you enjoyed that, and your weekend as well,

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