Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Zipper!

Fort Fido fixture and wild man Zipper had his first birthday today, and came to celebrate with a fun day at daycare! He tore it up mainly with his buddy Great Dane Theodore, but also took time with his other buddies, Jasper and Buddy. We got some great clips of the pups in action today, including some of Zipper's birthday fun!

Zipper and Theodore have really well-matched energy levels. When one wants to play rough, so does the other; when one is getting a little tired and wants to just lay down and neckfight, they are both ready for it. These guys seem like they'll be best buds forever!

We also got some clips of others romping around today, including Jasper and Aryan having a good neckfighting session. I think that somebody might have a crush on the "new girl"!

Pearl and Sophie hit it off the very first time that they were at daycare together, and continue to enjoy each other's company. I also love the Mrs. Claus dress that Sophie was rocking today--too cute!

I hope that you guys had as swell of a day as the pups here had!


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