Monday, December 17, 2012

Here Kitty, kitty...

Kumpi Kat Food is just as awesome as Kumpi Dog Food. We have carried it for a couple of years now and we have several happy Cat Customers. I have had my three year old cat, Hobbs, on it for quite some time and he looks fabulous! My 20 year old cat just recently passed away, R.I.P. Missy, but was on Kumpi Kat for at least two years... And I'm convinced Kumpi Kat Food is what kept her going strong right up to the end.

The cat food has been available in four pound and twenty pound sizes. The funny thing, is that the four pound size never seemed like enough food, while the twenty pound size always felt like wayyy too much. Evy, owner of Kumpi, has discontinued the 20# bag in favor of a very convenient, resealable, sixteen pound size.

(New sixteen pound cat food on left.)

So, if you have a cat or cats, definitely give Kumpi Kat a go. I'm certain your Feline Friends will thank you, and you'll thank Kumpi!

Take it easy,


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