Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cookies & Night Clips


Many of us bake Holiday Cookies around this time of year. It can be fun to decorate them with family and friends, eating them is always good too! Unfortunately, many of our favorite Holiday Treats aren't too healthy, or are even quite bad for dogs. So where does this leave Fido, amongst the cookie-eating festivities of this season? Well, you are just going to have to bake him or her their own batch of Doggy Holiday Treats. Don't worry, I've found you plenty of first rate recipes you can try at home lol!

Cookies For Canines Of all the links I found, I liked this one the best.

How to make Christmas Cookies for dogs Not bad, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

Best Dog Treat Recipes Neat site, worth a visit!

Well, if you get that "wild hair", let me know how they turned out. Heck, I might even try one, a few of those recipes sounded more than good enough for me to eat haha.

Here are two fun clips from The Fort last night. They are mainly of Kelsey's Dobie pup, Finley, and Toby having a blast during the wee-hours. You may also spot Lillie, Maggie, Sheldon and others. So fa, Overnight Boarding here has been working out well. Outstanding really! It's sometimes wild to think that we are open 24/7 365, yet our crew here is handling business quite well. Besides, we are finding out there is quite a need for this... We are here for you and your pets to meet that need.



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