Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Copper The Mini Aussie

Today we assessed the high spirited and very intelligent Copper. She is a two year old, nineteen pound, Miniature Australian Shepherd. Copper did quite well in our Little Roll where she was introduced to the pack. She exchanged "sniffs" with the other members and was generally curious about the whole situation. Further into her assessment, Copper, struck up play with Little Roll Rough-Rider, Pearl. The two really hit it off. It was great to see Copper get comfortable enough at The Fort, to have some fun on her first day. We look forward to visiting with Copper again and she is more than welcome to come to Fort Fido anytime. Nicely done Copper!


P.S. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a clip of Copper and Pearl in action, it was a busy morning! We did however, get this darling pic of Copper for her badge. Doesn't she look like she's puckering up for Prince Charming lol!? Or maybe David? Hahaha! Copper's other photos were cute but a tad too blurry. :(

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