Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vivacious Violet

If you haven't noticed... We love adjectives and alliteration around here, especially when new dogs come in lol! We joke about it often and it has stuck. :)

Meet Violet! She is a mighty-fine, one year old, forty-five pound, Liver & White Colored, German Shorthaired Pointer. This lively gal had her assessment early this morning and hung out with us in our Big Roll. Violet is a awesome young dog that is visiting from Longview Washington. Her situation, is the perfect example of Dog Daycare being wonderful for early socialization. Violet got right to it with the pack. She knew what she was here to do; learn, play and enjoy herself, she did all three of those things with gusto! Violet, you are welcome to attend The Fort anytime. We can't wait to meet with you again. Too bad you are from out of town, if you need a reference for your resume, let us know haha!

In the following clip, Violet is having a bit of fun with Gage and Ryker, among others.

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