Friday, October 19, 2012

Doggie clips and some great rescue stories!

Jack and Cayenne had a great night at Ft Fido!
 Jack and Cayenne both spent the night with us, and have been really enjoying each others' company. Check out this clip of Jack, Cayenne, and Tikvah having a romp!

In the big roll, talkative girl Juno wanted everyone to know just how much fun it was to play with Benny, a sweet Golden Retriever who takes everything in stride.

Upstairs, ball time was as fun as usual--check out the usual suspects Marlee, Tigger, Buddy, Pearl, and Lucy all chasing it down!

 And now for some amazing tales...

A mother dog and her puppies kept a lost boy with Down's Syndrome safe overnight, while he was lost in the woods. He was safely returned home after an 18-hour ordeal, dog and puppies right behind him.

A pup in France has had an incredible run of luck-- poisoned, buried, and left for dead, a passerby happened to notice the ground moving oddly, and decided to get to the bottom of things. To his surprise, he dug up a little dog! The pup was rushed to a vet, who nursed him back to life. In a short 24 hours, there was massive improvement in his condition. The lethargic, dirty pup was replaced by an energetic little Jack Russel Terrier.

A kayaker out for a day on the water rescued a dog from rocks during high tide. You don't often expect to see a Shih Tzu out at sea! This little guy was extremely lucky to have been found before the rocks were completely submerged beneath the tide.

A fearful pup abandoned at a park was given a new leash on life when one man decided that he would do whatever it took to get this pup back to a safe life. Little did he know this pup could scale six-foot fences and run like the wind! Eventually, he got him home and gained his trust, and now the two are great friends.

And don't forget to snap a photo of your pup all dressed up for trick-or-treating, and enter the Howl-o-Ween Costume Contest!


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