Friday, October 26, 2012

We're back on the air--with three new buddies!

While our computer was out of commission, we had the chance to meet three great new pups who were all ready to play with us here at Fort Fido. First up were medium-sized guys Mac and Lucy, not only were these two great additions to the pack, but they were also fast friends with one another. The French Bulldog and Labradoodle were an adorable match. Manly Mister Mac is a daycare veteran, having attended at his home in Texas before coming out to our neck of the woods. Lovely Little Lucy is only 16 weeks old, and is in the prime window for socialization and learning. Mac's owner told us he loves puppies, and Mac definitely lived up to that!

The third pooch we met was Adventurous Aryan, a feisty and fearless Husky girl. This high-energy and inquisitive pooch was a great large-roller, and you just can't help but be impressed by those icy-blue eyes. What a gorgeous girl!

We look forward to seeing all these pups back soon!


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