Friday, October 12, 2012

Two Biker-Bad-Boys roll-up on The Fort...

 Hazardous Harley and Renegade Rebar, a hush quickly falls over the lobby...

Just Kidding!

In all actuality, two excellent new dogs started today. So the blog title should have read, Happy Harley and Renowned Rebar. However, I couldn't help what popped into my head when hearing those radically cool names hahaha!

Checkout Harley, he is a four year old, ninety-five pound, black colored, Labrador Retriever / Mastiff Mix. Harley is a very gregarious and happy dog that loves to play. He had a tremendous time in our Big Roll and played with any dog that was interested. We even snagged a nice clip of, Harley, playing "Tag" with rebel-rousers Jake and Juno, have a look.

Now Rebar, Harley's "Brother from another mother", is a seven year old, eighty-five pound, black colored, Labrador Retriever / Collie Mix. Rebar is a sharp looking animal. He hung out in the Medium Roll and handled himself quite well, considering it was his first day and all. Rebar enjoyed being with the pack and ended up busting-out in play with One-eyed Marley.

Harley and Rebar are both welcome to attend Fort Fido. May we see them again shortly... Just leave the choppers out back fellas.


Have a nice weekend... It's back, doh! Stay dry!


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