Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Courageous Kalohe

Kalohe, is an extremely adorable and fierce little, Fawn-Colored, English Bulldog puppy. He had his assessment early this morning. This little guy is full of spunk and courage, he had no qualms about taking on our Medium Roll. From Dobermans to Labradors, Kalohe, played hard and long with many different pack members. We sent him home quite tired lol! Dog Daycare will be very beneficial to Kalohe for his early socialization. We are pleased to take care of him, while helping him grow into a well-balanced adult dog. Lucky for us, Kalohe will be boarding with us soon, we can't wait! This pup is too cute for his own good and a lot of fun in one tough package.

Checkout these two fantastic clips of the ever-so-active Kalohe, meeting Finley (Kelsey's new puppy) and Emily.



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