Friday, October 5, 2012

♥☺ Laid-back Luke☺♥

These are not the droids you're looking for!
 Today we got to meet laid-back Luke, an eight-year-old Black Labrador with dashing salt-and-pepper accents to his mostly black fur. He had a good day here with us--there was a lot of tail-waggin, butt-sniffin action, and he got to meet a lot of new people! Most of today was spent getting the lay of the land and greeting each dog politely. His calm energy today was really refreshing.

Although he's not in the foreground in these clips, you can see Luke's great manners on display as he greets other pups in the big roll.

In this first clip we see Buddy, Violet and Juno playing, and toward the end Luke comes to see what's up and introduce himself.

This next clip features Buddy again (good to see that he's excited to stay the weekend with us!), this time tearing it up with Zeus. Luke can be spotted among the dogs watching Nancy write some notes for the next shift!
I'm sure that once he gets a better feel for the Fort Fido flow, he'll be busting out the moves in no time. He was definitely an eager, friendly face and a welcome addition to our pack.

We'll be seeing you again bright and early tomorrow!


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