Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Genuine Gigi

Get a load of this! We've just received another ultra-good-looking, Cortez-like dog at Fort Fido. Meet Gigi, she is a friendly, eight year old, ten pound, Rat Terrier. Now Gigi is a rescue, her new owners, are doing a superb job helping her adjust to new surroundings. We highly commend them for doing what is best for Gigi and guiding her down the right path, way to go you two! Little Gigi is quite sweet and she didn't do half bad upstairs in the Little Roll. She got along just fine with the other dogs. Given some time and consistency, we believe Gigi will become even more comfortable at The Fort. Who knows, she may even bust out into play. We shall keep our fingers crossed! :)

Take it easy,


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