Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big Pup Action!

Today the big roll kept it action-packed and fun, each finding other pups who enjoyed their own particular play style. Play styles have a lot of individual personality! Check out this first clip of "Gentle Giants" Theodore and Tilly. Theodore is an eight month old Great Dane, and Tilly a ten month old Bull mastiff. Tilly sure has grown since she first started attending daycare! I remember the tiny 30 pound 12-week-old that we first met--they really do grow up fast.

Theodore also got along swimmingly with Labrador Red, playing fair and letting the smaller pup "win" the game. Dogs at play often take turns and enjoy playing different parts in the game, it's more fun to try different things, right?

The last clip today is a great shot of three different pairs at play-- first Flash and Jack (and if you peek back into the medium side, Thorn and Jackson), then Red and Tilly, followed up by an appearance from Violet and Tobey, with Flash and Jack once more to bring us full circle!

These guys, and many more, had a great day here today. I can bet there are going to be quite a few pups ready for dinner and a nap by tonight!


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