Monday, October 8, 2012

Mac Daddy MacGruber

Meet MacGruber! He is a bold, three year old, sixty-five pound, German Shepherd Mix. MacGruber, or "Mac" for short, is a neat canine and a Dog Daycare veteran. He attended doggie daycare quite frequently in his old home state of Virginia. Mac did very well in Fort Fido's Big Roll today. During his stay, he interacted with several different pack members and seemed to take pleasure in his visit. MacGruber is welcome to get his social-fix on at The Fort anytime. Hopefully, we will have him in here again soon.

Take care,

P.S. Unfortunately, Mac's picture does not do him justice... He was excited to start "Meeting and Greeting", he didn't want to pose for a pic and I don't blame him. 99% of the time, we just get lucky with our dog badge pictures lol.

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