Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tender Tilly

Funny... I heard we were assessing a Mastiff. So of course, I had the image above in my mind. Little Missy Tilly, however, was nothing like I thought she'd be lol. At least not yet!

Tilly had her assessment this morning. Let me tell you, this canine is still very new to the world at barely three months old. She is a Bullmastiff, twenty-seven pounds and the picture of innocence, at this point anyway haha. Tilly was unsure of the Medium Roll and the other dogs in general. Her brother Bailey attends The Fort but he wasn't with her this morning. Tilly started to warm up and become less fearful of the pack after a couple of hours. In our opinion, this one will be busting out in play soon. She just needs some more time at this tender age.

Way to be Tilly! We understand, sometimes the world can be a "big scary place", especially for a babe. You didn't do half-bad. We bet you'll be enjoying your stays here a lot more in time.

Take it easy,


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